As a specialized professional service, consulting can be extremely useful for both private and public institutions to approach situations that may be hindering the full operation of their functions and their social scope. In this regard, it may be of use both for the diagnosis and solution of problems that represent their weaknesses, and for the identification and seizing of opportunities that may result in their growth and development.

By adopting a basic methodology phases, fulfilling the objectives and goals set by the client, we present property development consultancy lines that translate in architectural professional practice:

– advice for compliance with the regulation on accessibility. Among others: UNIT 200:2013 Uruguay, Decree 34650,  Resolution 898/14Decree 34651 of the Junta Departamental de Montevideo, Decree 135/1995 Catalonia, Code of Accessibility of Catalonia, DB-SUA Spain, Royal decree 505/2007 Spain

– information and Diagnostics on buildings

– report and analysis of architectural projects

– advice and follow-up on development of projects

– accessibility plans for buildings and urban facilities